III. Gestion des urgences (Response)

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RESPONSE: Gestion des urgences


We do not stand at the sideline or walk away when the proverbial "shit hits the fan".

CEMAC offers a wide range of support formula through its in-house experts, experts network and suppliers of equipment and consumables.

The aim of these activities is to combine the client's knowledge about his activities and structures with the state-of-the art knowledge of crisis management of CEMAC staff and partners.


Almost anything is conceivable and will be tailor-made to suit the requirements and expectations of the client in terms of scope of support, on-call readiness state and geographical deployability.


Quatres catégories de support en temps réel sont disponibles:

  • Support opérationnel en temps réel
  • Support pour la communication de crise en temps réel
  • Mise à disposition d'experts et support logistique
  • Observation et analyse de la gestion de crise

Support opérationnel en temps réel


CEMAC can assist the operational crisis management in three ways:

  • facilitate the decision making process within the crisis management teams
  • contribute knowhow in the technical aspects of the operations
  • assist in the establishment of liaison actions (e.g. between a company and the authorities)



Experts can join the crisis management team on site or can provide immediate advice using videoconference and other telecommunications tools.


Support pour la comunication de crise en temps réel


Good crisis communication (CCOMM) will not solve a crisis but can contribute to a minimisation of:

  • negative impact on public image
  • uncertainty and potential panic
  • legal liability


CEMAC can assist in:

  • developing the CCOMM strategy and core messages
  • preparing the actual CCOMM streams
  • monitoring traditional, social and ad hoc media


CEMAC also offers in the Readiness stage, generic or dedicated CCOMM training and individualised media coaching.

Mise à disposition d'experts et support logistique


Many organisations have adequate plans and prepare their staff through training and exercises, but lack continuously available equipment or experts.


Here too, CEMAC offers support in the form of logistical and expert brokerage.

We identify and prepare packages of external support that suit the needs of an individual organiation.


These support packages can include:

  • telecom and other technical equipment (e.g. command vehicle)
  • access to dedicated software
  • logistics (transport, civil works, ...)
  • experts
  • ...

Observation et analyse de la gestion de crise


Sometimes actual assistance is not required, but the organisation can beneft tremendously from the presence of external observers who register events, actions and reactions in real time

to enable them to make a full and objective analysis and assessments afterwards.


CEMAC uses the EMCAPTM methodology for the assessment of crisis management performance and reports its observations, assessment and recommendations in the form of an After Action Report (AAR) and Improvement Plan (IP).


Formally this assessment after the crisis is part of the fourth stage in the 4R model.

Notre modèle 4R

  • REDUCTION (Réduction)
  • READINESS (Préparation)
  • RESPONSE (Intervention)
  • RECOVERY (Rétablissement)