Crisis & Emergency Management Centre --



Recherche & Développement



We engage in fundamental research with academic institutions

and have our own programme of applied research.

Independently and with industry partners

we develop new methodologies en crisis management tools.





Recherche méthodologique

Développement de logiciels


Recherce technologique

Analyse de comportement




Formations & Exercices



We train crisis management teams to develop the best

content, crisis management and

decision making skills.

We organise, direct and assess exercises.






Formation opérationnelle

Coaching médias

Command Post Exercise

AARIP Table Top Exercise







We provide "one stop shopping" for a wide range of

crisis management related services and productes.

We have a networks of trusted partners-in-excellence

who make it possible to offer almost anything you might want ...





Audit sécurité / sûreté

Planification d'urgence

Analyse & Evaluation de risques

Etudes logistiques

Support opérationnel 24/7

Co-ordination & Liaison

Experts On-Call


Gestion de connaissance



We develop, maintain and share knowledge

through open sources, dedicated knowlegde development

and as a by-product of our other activities.

We share with our community





Litérature Source publique

Centre de documentation



Blog & Newsletter





The subpages give a more structured overview of the broad categories of products and services we offer to the public sector, industry and commerce and not-for-profit organisations.


The overview of these products and services is ordered based on the 4R-modelTM which is a modified and elaborated variant of the traditional emergency management cycle.


4R stands for:




Click the R-words to access the four subpages.