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Recherche & Développement


Some of the R&D projects where CEMAC was lead partner or participant:


Computer-Assisted Modelling of HAZMAT Incident Emissions

CEMAC - Universiteit Gent (Ghent University) project aimed at the development of a software and peripheral tools for dispersion modelling in the case of gaseous dangerous substance dispersion. The project lead to the development of a unique recalculation-loop software.


RYSKI - Méthodologie d'Analyse de risques

Independent research project, in a later stage with Université de Liège (Liège University), aimed at the development of a all-hazard semi-quantitative risk inventory, analysis, evaluation and exploitation methodology for use by authorities and private sector.


SEPPTM - Standardised Emergency Preparedness Plan

Development of standard for internal and external emergency plans based on modular process driven component blocks and compliant with most national legislation, international standards and several important foreign concepts (e.g. NIMS/ICS). The project is ongoing and also includes the development of digital emergency plan software with specific partners.


Développement d'un "Technical Arrangement on the Liability of Relief Personnel"

2012-2014 project of an Ad-Hoc Working Group (AHWG) tasked by the Civil Protection Group (CPG) of NATO.

The international project resulted in the development of a "handbook" treating the issue of legal liability of relief personnel from one country (the "Sending Nation") deploying to another country (the "Requesting Nations") as part of an international Disaster Response Operation (DRO).



Projets actuels de Recherce & Développement


NATO-Russia Council (NRC) projet de "Développement d'un Sytème Multi-national pour Télémedecine" (MnTS)

2014-2016 project co-sponsored by the NATO Science for Peace & Security Programme, with Romania, Russian Federation and United States of America as lead partners.

Luc ROMBOUT (CEMAC) was invited to work in the Governance Committee as national expert.

The tasks of this committee include: functional analyses, development of the Concept of Operations (CONOPS), preparation of exercises (EXER) and the organisation of pilot demo's.


Platte-forme digital pour Plans d'urgence

CEMAC invests heavily in the development of a software portal in SaaS-mode for the creation of (digital) emergency plans. Wherever possible, we avoid using traditional text processors and related office automation tools (such as the Microsoft Office suite or Open Office) and use a dedicated software platform for emergency planning instead.

This platform is permanently "under development" in collaboration with our software partner IOS International.

We offer multi-lingual , 24/7 accessible digital emergency plans in a secure environment and permanently up to date. The portal allows access via pc/laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other portable device and embeded in a layer of individualised access control, making it possible not only to create unique views (extracts) of an emergency plan based on a persons role and mission, but also to provide very tailored plan security and automated follow-up of any modification.


Quelques clients


  • Aon
  • Arad County
  • BASF
  • Bayer
  • BE Ministry of Defence
  • BE Ministry of Interior
  • BE Ministry of Public Health
  • BE National Crisis Centre
  • Bihor County
  • Brussels Airport
  • Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest
  • Carrefour
  • CFE
  • Cipal
  • Colruyt
  • COT
  • Distrigas
  • Electrabel
  • Elia
  • Eni
  • Essex County Council
  • European Union
  • European Schools
  • Fluxys
  • Friesland Food Group
  • Ghent University
  • Habbekrats
  • Hadju-Bihar County
  • IAEM
  • IMEC
  • IvPV
  • Kent County Council
  • Kronos Europe
  • KvK
  • Lanxess
  • Neuhaus
  • NL Ministry of Safety & Justice
  • Ores
  • PIBA
  • PIVO
  • Port of Brussels
  • Port of Ghent
  • Port of Terneuzen
  • Province of Namur
  • Province of Oost-Vlaanderen
  • Province of West-Vlaanderen
  • Province of Zeeland
  • RAGO (Education Ministry)
  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • Sidmar / Arcelor
  • Sonatrach
  • Taminco
  • UIBS
  • Universiteit Gent
  • Vlerick Management School
  • VOKA
  • Volvo Cars