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Crisis & Emergency Management Centre

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Hoe kunnen we onze state-of-the art knowhow en kwaliteit aantoen ?


  • Talrijke projecten voor de belangrijkste Belgische overheden
  • Projecten en informatieuitwisseling met internationale netwerkpartners
  • Hooggekwalificeerde medewerkers
  • DHS/FEMA certificering
  • Wereldwijde ervaring in talrijke industrietakken
  • Praktijkervaring tijdens reële noodsituaties

Talrijke projecten voor de belangrijkste Belgische overheden

CEMAC was the first non-governmental partner involved in the standardisation and promotion of emergency management at the end of the 20th century.

Since then CEMAC has been working virtually uninterrupted for leading Belgian governmental agencies and has thus contributed to the conception of new legislation and new standards.

In addition CEMAC has executed a number of rather unique public sector projects, such as national pandemics and blackout exercises, training films and new emergency plan templates.

This guarantees our "connection" to and knowledge of legislation, public sector operations, new standards, etc.


Projecten en informatieuitwisseling met internationale netwerkpartners

As a small organisation, CEMAC values and stimulates national and internation collaboration and information exchange with peer organisations and other complementary partners.

CEMAC has developed and continues to develop a global network of high competence organisations and individuals and has established various structures for formal and informal knowledge sharing and development.

In addition, CEMAC is a key partner of IAEM Europa Council and offers its facilities for IAEM administration.

Hooggekwalificeerde medewerkers

CEMAC staff are highly qualified individuals who commonly combine expertise in crisis management with additional eduction in peripheral domains such as risk assessment, safety consultancy, law, fire safety, arson investigation, chemistry, communications and media, ...

DHS/FEMA certificering

Key CEMAC staff have obtained - which is extraordinary for non-US citizens - FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI) certifications for key professional competences, which guarantees their profession proficiency and their capability to deliver NIMS/ICS compatibles services.

Certification includes: ICS100, ICS 700, ICS605, ICS333, ICS000, ICS000, IOCS000, ICS999

Wereldwijde ervaring in talrijke industrietakken

CEMAC staff have done projects in or for a considerable number of European countries, North America and North Africa.

The economic sectors in which projects were done range from chocolate production and commercialisation to nuclear power generation.

Other examples are: harbour operations, (petro)chemicals, oil & gas exploration and treatment, electricity and gas transport, industrial construction, education, hospital operations and CIMIC.

Praktijkervaring tijdens reële noodsituaties

Onze "real time operations support" houdt in dat CEMAC soms betrokken is bij het ondersteunen van organisaties tijdens een acute noodsituatie.

Dergelijke bijstand is een unieke omstandigheid om onze eigen werkmethodes te beoordelen en vormt tevens een belangrijke bijdrage tot de praktijkexpertise van onze medewerkers.

Sommige van deze activiteiten zijn vanzelfsprekend vertrouwelijk.

Eén voorbeeld van deze ondersteuning, was de betrokkenheid van een ploeg van CEMAC na de ontploffing van een hogedruk gasleiding te Ghislenghien, en dit op vraag van Fluxys, de nationale operator van het gastransportnet.


Our 4R Model